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Are you looking for grooming products ? The most grooming products you can find on www.trim.nl

www.groomingproducts.eu is the English site of Knezevic vof ( www.trim.nl ) of also called Trim Netherlands . 

Trim is a wholesale company in grooming products in the Netherlands. 

 www.trim.nl has own design groomingtables ( MultoBene ), scissors, grooming wear, and cages but also baths ( Ariel ) , strippers, combs, toys, dog jewelry, dematters etc. etc. under own brands Trimhuur, Miranda, Tr!m and Charise`s Luxuries. Ofcourse Trim has other brands aswell.


Trim is owned by Mario and Miranda Knezevic and their daughter Charise. 

To enter the shop of www.groomingproducts.eu we ask you to subscribe yourselfe for an account. When we have received all the necessary information we will send you a pin code/password to access the shop.

Ofcourse one can also have a glimp at our products on our open site (no codes needed) www.trim.nl

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